Reclaim your sacred center and ground.

If you sense it's time to have full sovereignty in your reproductive, pelvic, and sexual health, you're in the right place.

This experience is offered in premium and luxury level containers. Alicia works with a set number of clients at once and orients toward true transformation.

Alicia's 1:1 practice is full right now. If you are interested in becoming a client, please fill out the application below and she will reach out once she has space.

Luxury work together includes extensive time & access, retreats, all supplies provided, is always 100% personally tailored to your needs, and is offered on invitation only to 1-2 women per year. All other clients either enter the premium service or the group container.

Please read the page below in full to understand more about this powerful work. Alicia offers these containers in-person for hands-on work in Denver, Colorado, virtually, and at times travels upon request.

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Let's Grow Together

We live in a world with a story about how, as women, the body is a burden and reason to be afraid in this world. Some circumstances hit that story home.

Recovering from and addressing this is a true journey. Many are waking up to the how deep institutional control over the female body runs. Anytime you're having a challenging experience in your body, ask yourself who's making money off of this? Insurance, surgery, infertility treatments, pharmaceuticals....the essence of pro-creation is a real "market".

Outside of the better known challenges (statistics of assault and abuse to name one), take for example the simple but encompassing norm that the systemic business clock runs daily when the female body runs and thrives on a monthly clock. This is a sliver of what we're swimming in. Once the full magnitude is seen, the reality is painful and in Alicia's opinion after working with women for over a decade, requires support. Talking about things only goes so far. If you have the foundation for it, the most efficient path found is hands-on, trauma informed work with a solid practitioner.

Most modern societies are educated by old white men about bodies, hormones, and health. Apply this to the female body. From raging PMS, menstrual pain, sexual shame & trauma, a numb or tight vagina and pelvic floor, disconnection from what’s happening in the body, birth & pregnancy trauma, oppression, painful or boring sex, fertility challenges, urine leakage, misogyny around every corner, and confusion about what’s possible when it comes to medical questions and pleasure…women are told this is “part of life as a woman”. 

Most are left with a minimal baseline of resources that actually support female health. Some women decide it's time to take this into their own hands. Those who resonate with Alicia know the most efficient path is to have expert guidance.

Is this story above acceptable for you?

There is something else available. It’s not mainstream nor quick but it’s one of the most satisfying & liberating shifts Alicia's clients make. Alicia promises you no matter what your story is, there is more available to you than what you’ve been fed.

Possible results experienced in this work (the journey is always unique to you, these shifts below are general as a summary not as a prescription):

- manageable bowel movements, urination & smooth digestion

- lowered activity of stress hormone conduction and problematic nerve signals

- the ability to navigate pesky symptoms that arise with aging (without visiting the doctor every other month)

- addressing the needs of daily life with connection to oneself

- more easeful menstruation, hormone conduction, and navigation of the physiology of life phase changes

- reduction of enmeshed relationship patterns

- less time involved in allopathic medicine

- more tolerable mood shifts, neurological activity, and nervous system balance

- clear voice and communication channels

- more pleasure, expansion, and nervous system releasing & resetting via intimacy with self and others

- resolution of pelvic trauma

- emotional clarity, permission, perspective, and flow

- resolution / reduction of / increased ease in management of pelvic health symptoms

- addressing abortion, miscarriage, infant death, and any complex experiences around procreation and children

- increased abilities of interoception, exteroception, motor skills, and proprioception

- feeling grounded, in touch, connected, alert, strong, calm, and able to respond / react protectively and appropriately if and when needed

- feeling connected to the earth, collective, other living beings, "spirit realms", accepting one's place in the cosmic dialogue

- muscular, structural, endocrine, cardiovascular, immune, fascial, soft tissue vitality and flow

- more ease, knowledge & skills for navigating fertility, pregnancy, birthing, child-rearing, and family life (or management of for those who do not want children, this sacred center is a vessel for gestation and while procreation is a big motivator, there is much more to be discovered here)

- integration, realization of, and individuation from family & developmental pain

- expanded abilities and navigation of vision, intuition, dreamwork, psychic experiences & skills, working with alchemy / myth / symbols / the magic of the "wild woman" and other "mysteries"

- lineage / ancestral / karmic / cultural / past life / soul clarity and reduction of confusion (whatever your words are for this transcendent level of how you experience the universe and the levels of all that happens that is typically unseen / unheard / unknown, Alicia does not preach a specific spiritual philosophy but holds this process and inquiry with you as an ally)

- evolution of human consciousness & allowing that which has been unconscious to move into conscious awareness. The "womb of the brain" (the cerebellum & brainstem is the survival center responsible for staying alive) is associated with the uterus and "the unconscious"

- the list goes on ... this is a gateway to transformation

Alicia is a long-time clinician with 13+ years of training, practice, client work, and a wide variety of professional experience in healthcare.

You will not be told that 2 sessions will fix every little thing about your life (Alicia doesn't believe you need fixing but that’s not the point). The urge to shift everything “right now” is often a response to trauma. Needs are real and sometimes there are quick easy resolutions. More often, the process is nuanced and complex. The more Alicia evolves in this work, teaches and studies, the more "your answer" can’t be simplified with simple spiritual bypass, platitudes, or pathology.

This experience is a pivotal part of the journey to becoming more centered, grounded, and in charge of health and sovereignty for many women. There are endless tools and lenses to support you along the way. Alicia has spent years researching, studying, training, treating clients, is continually humbled by this work, and is in this field for the long game.

Alicia always wants you to be fully informed and ready. This experience is vulnerable. It is also beautiful, less intense, and more gentle than many assume. Alicia has engaged in this work for years and believes pelvic health should be part of maintenance and receive due attention just like every other bodily area.

** All online materials are given access to as part of any 1:1 program with Alicia. Intensives and plant medicine work is highly exclusive, offered by invitation only, requires advanced notice & planning, and only discussed once solid therapeutic rapport has formed. All details of 1:1 container options are discussed after application. Please apply today with your interest in this experience.

A Journey Awaits. Are You Ready?

This is a container like no other. Alicia holds impeccable space, is an expert in this field, and believes if you feel the call your body is giving you a message. 

Alicia's 1:1 practice is full right now. If you are interested in becoming a client, please fill out the application below and she will reach out once she has space.

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