Welcome! I'm Alicia.

Ready to transform your relationship with yourself, your center, and your body? I know this terrain. You're in the right place. I'd love to hear from you. If you are ready for support, reach out today.

Hi, I'm Alicia.

Ready to transform your relationship with yourself, your center, and your body? I know this terrain. You're in the right place.

I've got a lot to share with you. 

I'm a pelvic health specialist, somatic counselor, teacher, bodyworker, and mentor. I have received all of the modalities I offer as services and it's been a wild ride. I've had a unique healing experience and have devoted much of my life, experience, and training to build connections between modalities that are often disjointed (like bodywork and psychotherapy). In this world today, we need holistic opportunities for integration, wholeness, and healing.  We need to return to and find our inherent rhythm. For me, this has been deep and very challenging at times. I know this journey requires support.

I have been steeped in over 10+ years of intensive training, my own self-inquiry work, endless study, and have seen the combination of specialized tools deliver transformation unique to each person and their journey.

My current programs include:

- 1:1 Specialized Individual Pelvic Health Programs

Inner Power Women's Cohort: Virtual Group Opens August 2021

- Pelvic Health Training for Practitioners opens October 2021

The Extremes
Unfortunately the pelvic health field functions on extremes. On one hand there are many medical practitioners who do not allow for or are ill-equipped to offer emotional permission or trauma-informed care. Many clients come to me sharing that their experience of physical therapy was too quick or aggressive, painful, offered no relief or made things worse, and / or didn't feel comprehensive.

The other extreme is well-intentioned healers who know the body is powerful and believe in sacred feminine healing work, but might not have the training or skills necessary to provide true safety, clarity, and a grounded experience. 

One of the most painful extremes are spiritual practitioners, community leaders, shamans, bodyworkers, family members, and / or partners who end up overtly or covertly abusing their power and leaving women feeling invaded / confused / manipulated / abused. Too many clients come toward me with these stories. If you have experienced this please know you are not alone and there are practitioners out there who can hold you in your recovery journey.

I do not believe these extremes above are effective or sustainable for any body or healing journey. What I do believe is that bodies ask for help in many ways. I strive to offer help that is attuned to what the body is asking for.

I continually work to offer something more balanced, nuanced, and able to hold the complexity of eastern vs western approaches. I work very differently than a pelvic floor therapist where you are in and out in less than one hour. I also work very differently than a healer where something feels unclear or unclean or as some say, "energy leak". My work is slow, intentional, consensual, clear, explained ahead of time, and is discussed directly and explicitly throughout the entire process.

My Service Style
Hands-on pelvic health work with me individually is my highest level of service. My work includes extended time together, emotional permission, online learning and education, treatment planning / assessment & support with implementation, a true container, trauma-informed care, and more.

These programs incorporate pelvic floor therapy, uterine & abdominal massage, organ energy work (endocrine system), and always gives room for the psychological aspect of working with this area of the body. I am deeply informed by science / anatomy / the reality of the body and also leave room for all that is magical about this process. My main focus is working with the central nervous system and how this impacts psychoneuroimmunology (the meeting points between the psyche, neurology, immune system, and endocrine hormonal system).

I believe my counseling training, navigation of boundaries, communication & clarity, and ability to hold emotional intensity is what provides clients with the safety necessary to engage in this work.

These programs require commitment to a container. This offers the most powerful results for clients. If you are seeking a one-session fix, I am not the practitioner for you. Clients who work with me desire a fuller, deeper process. I believe the body does not appreciate rushing or pressure. I've never seen fast / high pressure work lead to lasting healing. I have space for just a few clients at one time. I do not offer one-time sessions.

Too far away ?
There are a few options to make this work accessible for those who want to travel for it as many cannot find a practitioner in their area with this combination of modalities. Traveling for hands-on work with me is discussed only in consultation.

All options for working together are discussed after you complete an application. My interest is always assessing the best approach for you, ensuring I can support you, and there is never pressure or expectation on my end about working together. Any program you choose with me has to feel 100% aligned for us both. I have cultivated these options after years of doing this work, seeing what supports clients' process the most, and fine tuning it all.

Those who are in close contact with me are the first to be notified when I have an opening. Please join my mailing list and be in touch with your interests.

Please read each offering in depth, apply for what you are interested in, and inquire via the contact tab if you have additional questions.


- somatic psychology , body psychotherapy , dance movement therapy , massage therapy, and endocrine organ energy work

- holistic pelvic care, pelvic floor therapy, cervix and bladder work, uterine massage, and abdominal massage

- nervous system integration support, informed by polyvagal theory

- currently training in EMDR therapy with Maiberger Institute, a Somatic body based modality for trauma treatment

- trauma informed care, boundary awareness, and consent-based work

- plant medicine and how to work safely with altered state experiences

- perinatal psychology, developmental psychology, developmental movement, and attachment theory

- sacred sexuality, archetype, myth, language, and gender exploration

- holistic models including herbalism, nutrition, yoga & meditation, physical movement / exercise, breathwork, and visualization including awareness of the western medical world and how to balance eastern & western approaches to all aspects of health

- lineage / inter-generational & family systems work

- Gestalt and "parts work"

- ethical non-monogamy, alternative lifestyle & kink friendly work

- cosmology, earth based medicine and ritual

What You Should Know About Me
My work rests on trust-building, psycho-education, and relational strength as the core foundation of our success together.

Research shows that trust, connection, and safety in the therapeutic relationship is the highest indicator of progress / change / "success" of working with a professional.

I’ve created my work because I spent too many years having to go in different directions for the one kind of support I needed. I needed to be supported in the fullness of my womanhood. I engaged obsessively for years in counseling, bodywork, trainings, books, healing sessions, online courses and more. It was a lot of work. While I am eternally grateful for the access I’ve had, I had to grieve why our world has lost cohesion and availability of this pelvic wisdom for the masses. We used to have access and it was forgotten. This combination of gratitude and grief arises for most who enter this work. Why do some never find this for themselves? Why do some only find it due to trauma and pain? Why do some look into this work only after years of exhausting themselves to the brink of burnout? These are the questions we all ask. My passion is to give you access to tools to build a foundation with yourself for a grounded life as a woman. I’ve spent probably 10 times what I charge on this journey toward wholeness and stability and it’s my honor and privilege to support you.

I am a practitioner with years of training and credentials behind me. It is rare to find a clinician who works online, teaches, does hands-on work & plant-assisted work, holds high levels of focus on safety-building and trauma-informed care, delivers true high-level client care instead of making you feel like a hamster churned in and out of a high-numbers program, and also has a long history of clinical work. I have 10+ years experience in direct client work and have seen a wide range of humanity. I hold extended inquiry in anatomy, bodywork, somatic counseling from the best institutions (Naropa University, Tami Kent, Tom Myers, Boulder Massage Institute, Arvigo, and more).

I expect you to follow through on actions and be 100% committed to our work together and the process. This means doing homework that isn’t always easy or comfortable. I’ll hold you accountable with much love and firmness. This also means you may feel messy or flooded, but I’ve got your back. This journey more gentle than many expect. The mind has a funny way of building things up and we make sure your body and mind is able to integrate safely and not push you too far over the threshold of tolerance.

Humor is a big part of our process! Transformation doesn’t have to be heavy or hard. In fact, this process is nourishing, loving, and there is plenty of space for laughter and irreverence. This work truly does allow for divine comedy in all its gifts and wildness.

I’ve seen a lot from jails, psychiatric units, emergency rooms, residential treatment, special needs classrooms, operating rooms and more. Nothing you need to bring here is too much. I hold a space where I am not doing work for you, but giving you a container to safely evolve yourself. I am confident in feeling equipped to handle anything you bring. I work with those who are ready to expand and already have enough stability to support this. In this work, you will not be dropped. I have over a decade of experience working with trauma & recovery on many levels, and training and credentials to back it up. I work with the deepest of emotions. There is no emotion or story that’s too big. And, you don’t want to blow your system out so we take good care to stay steady. You will be supported by me. This gives us the opportunity to address one of the deepest collective wounds of humanity, addressing the “mother” / “sisterhood” wound directly with a woman who has navigated these waters.

I combine emotional and spiritual teachings grounded in anatomy & science to give you a foundation for the work that is expansive and Spirit-oriented for many. That said I am not into spiritual bypass. I do not subscribe to “tidy answers” and will never minimize or gloss over your experience with a simplification. We will also consider pathology. I like to land outside bypass / pathology extremes and hold curiosity for what lives outside this dichotomy.

If this is a journey that calls to you, I invite you to step into this experience. If this is not the time, there’s never any pressure and let’s stay in touch. Trust yourself. Trust your body and trust your soul. Learn to discern the difference between your intuition and your thinking mind. Timing, circumstance, resonance must all be a true “yes” to receive the benefits of this process. And, space is limited...the more intention, planning, and care you bring to it all, the more you will gain from the experience.

My Personal and Professional Manifesto
My defining values are mutual respect, freedom, and self-authority. I believe that all living beings (especially those with a central nervous system) have an incredible surge of life force inside them. The journey to discovering, allowing, accepting, having access to, and forming a personal code of ethics for how to utilize this life force is one of the most complicated and complex topics in the study of human behavior.

I believe it is a privilege to have the resources and accessibility to fully discover oneself. I also believe discovery of the full “self” in all it’s facets is a winding lifelong journey. The guiding principles that have shaped my life and exploration of this include personal relationship to power, integrity with that power, and true sight.

The revolution that I’m here to lead is all about the female body. The essence of pro-creation, physiological creativity, DNA fusion, fertility, legacy, pregnancy, birthing, family, continuation / disruption / colonization of lineage and cultural patterns, epigenetics (how trauma impacts DNA), sexuality, and intimacy are some of the most charged themes of humanity. These themes surround some of the deepest most primal human longings and are also what get abused during deep times of strife and collective power shifts.

The guiding questions in my work are simple: how does the body respond to nourishing connection and how does the body respond to threat and protection?

My mission is to provide a space for the female body to be liberated. To cultivate the power to make choices from a clear, embodied, empowered, grounded center. I truly believe when a female body is rooted and in touch with embodied power, it shapes the world in profound ways.

Those who know me best describe me as present, devoted, rooted, inquisitive, playful, feisty, expert space holder, boundary setter, elevating others, holding high standards, compassionately direct, radiant, spanning diverse thinking and modalities, diplomatic, grounded, transparent, precise, methodical, clear, direct, centered, highly intelligent, hard working, determined, honest, attuned, able to shake off life’s hardships in order to make room for magic, and to keep things light…“bad ass go-getter takes no shit lays down the sauce – all with empathy and compassion”.

The “opposite of me”? What I loathe? First I should say I believe anything that is opposite or loathed in the world and in oneself is a “shadow”. Learning how to navigate the shadows in self and in the world is a foundational part of the work I do and my personal path.

My most loathed quality of the world and myself is predatory energy that abuses and usurps the lifeforce of others and the earth for one’s own personal benefit. The one that takes just to take. Not out of survival, true need, or self-protection, but out of grandiose greed. The one that has no consideration or care for how personal choices impact the natural world or humanity. This is my most challenging meeting of humanity and I have accepted that some version of this shadow lives in all humans. Touching the shadow selves and learning how to take responsibility for oneself in this wild primal world, especially during this time, has been my most important and guiding resource. I speak to this here because shadow selves always get stirred up in the pelvic healing journey. Having a guide who knows the terrain is invaluable.

I obviously have loads of passion for pelvic health work. Outside of my soul mission in this work, dance is what lights me up and gets my heart pumping in the purest way. If I could “go back” into my youth, I would explore extensive dance training. While I’m not musically gifted (though I have a great ear and would love to one day become a DJ!) , I have a knack for movement and rhythm. For me, the dance floor is natural, joyful,  and connects me to the eternal pulse of life.

I’m a proud advocate of plant-medicine and find it is a best friend to pelvic healing. When used safely, ethically, and responsibly, I love being a strong safe educated voice for working with altered states and how it can be an ally to this healing path when used well.

My favorite quote / motto is “the truth is in the middle”. I talk a lot about continuums and spectrums in my work and I find extremes are typically unsustainable for most. I am always searching for “the middle way” in my own psyche, body, health, relationships, and life.

My proudest accomplishment is creating and running my own business. My business is a huge part of me, it is absolutely an intricate part of my identity because my passion for the female experience is so pure. After being raised in an area of the USA with heavy institutional influences (Washington DC), I wasn’t exposed to many entrepreneurs. I’ve had steep learning curves. I’m grateful I’ve maintained commitment to my vision, personal and professional integrity. I’ve had incredible privilege in access to education, business development, mentors, and training. I hope to utilize this privilege to give back and serve women on many levels in my life.

In the next 5 years, one of my goals that MUST be completed is to spread this modality and training to more professionals. There is a severe global lack and a high need of accessibility of trauma informed pelvic care. As reproductive health gets more challenging and complicated in this modern technological world, the call for holistic pelvic health is alive. The longing is a phenomenon and more awaken to it daily. Trauma-informed pelvic care is the next wave of female empowerment. It’s time to lean in.

When a stranger meets me, I want to leave the impression on them that I am connected, strong, safe, and fiercely responsible with myself and others.

I stand for women having access to health, vibrancy, power, consciousness, autonomy, ground, wealth, personal responsibility, and the ability to make informed choices for their own health and vitality. I stand for women to receive education and have the skills and power to make challenging complex choices for themselves and their lives. To have their own best interest in heart and mind and cultivating right relationship to power. I stand for all women, no matter their origin, family history, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and any other level of identity to have access to pelvic health, true freedom in their life, and power.

Outside of my professional development (a true friend to my personal path), I enjoy live music, culture, travel, my animals (for now, cats & chickens and high hopes for a donkey), yoga, dance,  great friends, humor and irreverence, partnership, and creativity. I am always keeping my eye on the healing world inside and outside. I spend most of my time in Colorado though my favorite place to be is at the ocean. My homeland / roots are in Washington DC, and if I could choose one superpower it would be time & space travel.


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