Welcome! I'm Alicia.

Ready to transform your relationship with yourself, your center, and your body? I know this terrain. You're in the right place. I'd love to hear from you. If you are ready for support, reach out today.

Hi, I'm Alicia.

Ready to transform your relationship with yourself, your center, and your body? I know this terrain. You're in the right place.

I've got a lot to share with you. 

My name is Alicia Patterson. I'm a pelvic health specialist, somatic counselor, consultant, and teacher. This work is incredible and changed the path of my life. I have received all of the modalities I offer as services. I've had a wide, unique healing experience. I don't believe there is any one modality or approach that is right for everyone. I love to support my clients in exploring and finding what is most supportive and true to them. The modalities I've explored and chosen to train in includes a wide range and stem from my own process. For me, this has been magical, wild, deep, and I know it thrives with support.

I have been steeped in over 10+ years of intensive training and have seen the combination of these specialized tools deliver true transformation unique to each person and their journey.

Outside of my professional development (a true friend to my personal path), I enjoy live music, culture, my animals (for now, cats and chickens and high hopes for a donkey), yoga and dance, high intensity exercise as a gateway for emotional process, great friends, humor and irreverence, partnership, creativity, and am always keeping my eye on the healing world inside and outside. I spend most of my time in Colorado though my favorite place to be is at the ocean. My family is in my homeland of Washington DC, and if I could choose one superpower it would be time & space travel.

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I know this journey. Are you ready? Please contact me to discuss my services and current programs which currently include:

- 1:1 Personal Individual Pelvic Health Programs (hands on work in Denver CO and virtual programs available)
- 1:1 Individual Counseling 
- 1:1 Psychedelic Integration Support
- Online Inner Power Pelvic Healing Group, Next Group Opens this Fall 2021
- Pelvic Health Training for Practitioners, Next training opens this Fall 2021, local in person hands-on training in Denver CO

My personalized 1:1 services are offered in person and remotely depending on your preference. Online scheduling is currently turned off as my practice is very full. I do have openings consistently and a wait list. Please email me to learn more about my services and discuss working together or to inquire about my programs. Email me here or fill out the form by clicking the button below : [email protected]

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