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Ready to transform your relationship with yourself, your center, and your body? I know this terrain. You're in the right place. I'd love to hear from you. If you are ready for support, reach out today.

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Hi, I'm Alicia.

Ready to transform your relationship with yourself, your center, and your body? I know this terrain. You're in the right place.

I've got a lot to share with you. 

My name is Alicia Patterson. I'm a pelvic health specialist, somatic counselor, consultant, and teacher. This work is incredible and changed the path of my life. I have received all of the modalities I offer as services. I've had a wide, unique healing experience. The modalities I've explored and chosen to train in stem from my own process. For me, this has been magical, wild, deep, and I know it thrives with support.

I have been steeped in over 10+ years of intensive training and have seen the combination of these specialized tools deliver true transformation unique to each person and their journey.

Outside of my professional development (a true friend to my personal path), I enjoy live music, culture, my animals (for now, cats and chickens and high hopes for a donkey), yoga and dance, kickboxing, great friends, humor and irreverence, partnership, creativity, and am always keeping my eye on the healing world inside and outside. I spend most of my time in Colorado though my favorite place to be is at the ocean. My family is in Washington DC, and if I could choose one superpower it would be time & space travel.

I know this journey. Are you ready?


- Your Inner Power : Private Pelvic Health Program -

In this guided program, you will receive support from me directly, personalized and 1:1, through each step of the journey in a strong container. The pelvic healing journey requires full support and a multi-dimensional approach. You will receive psycho-education, hands-on bodywork or online sessions (your choice and multiple modalities tailored to your personal needs), mentoring through self-practice work, access to holistic pelvic healing tools, and more. The perspective I hold is from an emotionally & spiritually inclusive, holistic, trauma-informed, rooted in anatomy & science approach. These programs are offered locally in Denver CO and remotely via online work.

Clients are accepted via application & consultation only and this private practice is exclusive as a certain number of clients are accepted for this program at one time. The consultation will help clarify if this is the right fit for us both at this time and answer your questions so you feel solid, prepared, and informed about the scope of this powerful work. Full transparency on both of our parts, listening to your story, and making sure I can provide what's needed is necessary if we are to complete this work together with integrity and clarity.

Please note: Pricing for these private packages are dependent on the level of services you choose, payment choices, and amount of time and support you desire. These programs require energetic, time, and financial commitment on both of our parts. The program typically lasts a minimum of 3-6 months (some choose to continue afterward), programs start at $2997, and financing options are available. This is a significant life-altering experience for most. 

Please note I do not offer one-time bodywork sessions because I find them ineffective and incomplete.
This in-depth experience is one of a kind. I have guided over 100 women across the adult lifespan from young women in their 20's to elders through this personalized 1:1 journey. There are personal testimonials on the "client words" page.

Due to the nature of this work, clear communication, safety, boundaries and power are acknowledged and discussed with care and respect.
While this is not "therapy" (see below for my counseling services), I am very grateful for my training in psychotherapy. I believe my awareness and ability to work with the psychological process and often complex themes that arise, trauma-informed care, navigating boundaries and consent, and being equipped to support the nature of this vulnerable process are why I have created a transformative and safe experience. There is never pressure or expectation about your participation in this program nor the way this work looks / unfolds for you. In our consultation, we will discuss the way I work and help you make a choice about stepping into this program. Thank you for the respect it takes to create this experience for you. Initial consultations are charged at $165 per hour and pro-rated if less time is used.

- Personal Somatic Counseling - 

I accept a select number of clients to join my 1:1 counseling work. A full therapeutic journey requires time, active collaboration, and commitment. Individual counseling clients are dedicated and motivated to take the action needed to benefit from this process. Investing in sustainable change is one of the best choices I've made in my life and I am honored to offer this opportunity to my clients. If this resonates with you, you may be a good fit for this personalized practice.

I hold a wide spectrum of experience and training, trauma-informed care, and bring a balance of being well-versed in the mental health system while also including non-western and psycho-spiritual approaches. Counseling is offered locally in Denver CO or remotely in a more flexible "coaching" environment for online work. The consultation will help clarify if this is the right fit and approach for us both at this time, and answer all of your questions. While pelvic health education and process work is available in counseling and at times therapeutic touch / energy work is offered, there is no massage work offered in counseling. These services are kept separate.

Full cost of counseling sessions is $165 per hour. Any other financial options are discussed in the consultation and available on a case by case basis. Initial consultations are charged at $145 per hour and pro-rated if less time is used.

- Educational and / or Colleague Consultation -

If you’re a practitioner or have just a few specific questions you need answers to, this is for you. You can book online or reach out to me via email (see below). This is an educational and resourcing session usually booked by colleagues or professionals seeking knowledge, past clients who need focused specific support, or those who are very involved in their own healing and need just a few suggestions or answers to specific questions. 

Consultation rate: $165 per hour

Please note: I cap the number of clients I work with to make sure you receive my full attention and care. I love my work, orient toward true connection and mutual respect with clients, and focus my energy on those needs and relationships. My schedule is often full and I typically have a waiting list. That said there are openings every few months. It's best to reach out once you feel clear and ready. Serious inquiries only please. Schedule time for a zoom or phone consultation online by clicking the "schedule" button below. If you cannot find a time email alicianpatterson@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing more about you soon, thanks again for visiting.

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