Women, the Animal is in You

female empowerment female health stream of consciousness series women's liberation womens health Nov 19, 2021

 A rebellion is a powerful thing. The next wave of the rebellion about the female body and how we approach the female body, women, the womb, and all the rest, I really believe... is here.

Look at what is happening with so many awakening to the root. All the brands of pelvic tools. All the people speaking out about pleasure, sex-ed, eroticism, and the rest. Of course there are shadows to it and I often think of them but today I'm inspired.

The resources out there are endless. The body, hormones, history, the spiritual dive, different communities’ approach to the female experience across culture, somatic work, women’s work, and so much more. People come to me cause they want a system that includes a lot of it in one place that is digestible and multi-layered.

To be truly free is my desire. Professionally and personally. To inspire other women is a profound gift. The time is ripe and I'm so inspired by this work because I truly believe no one is free until we're all free.

I’m aware I am never going to convince anyone else to accept my mission, me, or step into it. What’s important is that I've surrendered to my role in this female liberation that's happening. The clarity of my mission feels palpable. I am gaining real perspective as I continue to do my own personal work, offer my work to the world, address my own nervous system and how I communicate, and take my business through the wringer because I'm ready for the next evolution. Being alone in my office 1:1 is not enough for me, nor for the world, and it’s time to expand. We need more practitioners doing safe work. We need more women embodying this in themselves. In their relationships. In their parenting. In their communities. in the workplace.

The impact of modern society on the female psyche (individually and collectively) feels real to me. I believe it impacts all of our psyche and body, but my focus is women. As I write this I have a twinge of wanting to hide because of the possible lashings that could come toward me. The urge to hide is not strong enough. I have less and less time for arguments about all the justifications of why women experience what they do. Maybe it’s time we listen to what women have to say about why they experience what they do. This is why I'm standing up for women and telling them to listen to their inner animal.

** Disclaimer: Women do problematic things too. Women enact abuse too. Women need to work on themselves. This is not about a pedestal or me thinking I or women. have all the answers. The more I do this work and my own work the more I realize I definitely do not have the answers. The more I realize I long for connected, embodied, grounded men in this world. In leadership. Offering men's work.

My main message (after working with mental illness and personality disorders for years, I do have some caution saying this):  

Women, the animal is in you.

Perhaps she is your shadow. Perhaps she is your truth. Usually both, I believe.

No one is going to prioritize your womb if you don’t. You know. Take responsibility for your own inner instincts. Your tissues. Your hormones. Your body. Your spirit. Your desires. It's all connected to our nervous system.

The time for awakening, embodying, and knowing the animal is always on your doorstep.

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Check Out My Vlog

Click here to listen to my free vlog about pelvic health, its importance, how it relates to other aspects of your bodies and all about what I do!

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