My Intention, Destiny and Journey

Dec 03, 2021

These posts are an invitation for women everywhere to know there are places to ask these root and womb questions in safe ways.

A very wise support person in my life years ago reflected to me that everything I brought into our therapeutic process was about womanhood.

That I should create my own thing.

That I was powerful.

That what I’d been fed about womanhood was complex and not the full picture.

That was almost a decade ago amidst one of the hardest most painful legs of my journey I’ve had.

I didn’t believe him then, was internally saying "What? No way!", but here I am now, r
unning my own thriving business for years.

I stepped away from “working for someone else” a long time ago… Can’t even imagine doing that again. 
Running my own team. Compensating a team made of women who are cheering this revolution on!

We have the very real desire to lift us all up as we offer more and more resources / products / systems.

We are teaching people how to get into this field with safety and integrity.

We are present online and in community.

We are giving an incredible amount of energy and finding out more and more what's needed to do in order to keep going,

I’m in this for the long haul.

We're engaging in beautiful, deep, profound, powerful, healthily boundaried work with the most amazing women I’ve met in our programs.

It heals me just as much as it is a service to others. And it's officially not about me, we are meeting a global and true and profound need in humanity.

Our systems are finding levity in the most real embodied sense and I constantly have to look around and remind myself it’s okay to accept this amidst so much suffering in the world.

I’ve also been told in multiple sessions / relationships / from people with real psychic gifts that my destiny was to create something truly expansive, impactful, magnificent.

I've been told I should share more about my own "psychic" gifts. I rarely mention it online, typically only to people once I know we can really hold it together.

The truth is I do receive information when I am with someone, especially if we are doing hands-on touch work.

The "clairs" are real gifts that come with great responsibility.

*** However, I don't advertise myself as a "pelvic psychic" though I'm sure that could be a very popular thing. I don't talk about this part of my work much. I believe most of the time, whatever is moving through someone's body needs to be realized by their own consciousness. That said, the way I communicate with bodies is like a teammate for this process to occur. It's a dialogue between us. I am listening and I am talking to and engaging with people's bodies.

I've also been told I would have many learning curves along the way. That I would land in an incredible space but that it would be a long road and very hard at times.

 I’ve found myself wondering so many times “Have I had enough learning curves yet?" Isn’t it so wild to watch what the mind does! My most wise mind remembers I will always be learning, I want to be a forever student of this life, know the only constant is change, and I want to continually enjoy the view along the way instead of gripping (which is a very real pattern that by the way creates pelvic patterns!)

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Check Out My Vlog

Click here to listen to my free vlog about pelvic health, its importance, how it relates to other aspects of your bodies and all about what I do!

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