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“Alicia is truly an incredible, gifted healer. She is remarkable. I had never participated in pelvic floor work until seeing Alicia and WOW I felt so comfortable and at ease in her presence and space. Through this work, I am more comfortable with my womb and pelvic floor. I recommend her to all my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Alicia!” 
– Megan Crosby

Erica Mellon

"Working with Alicia has been nothing less than life-changing. I've lived my entire life up until now with chronic pain and being told that it was all in my head. Through this process, the deeper we dove, the more profound the messages about my body we would uncover, and the more my pain in my daily life would dissipate. It was truly a paradigm shift in my thinking, emotional and spiritual worlds. I felt deeply healed physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. She works with such intuition, grace, and power. My only regret is that I didn’t find Alicia sooner." 

Ashley G.

“Working with Alicia is transformative. I came into this work due to trauma and have reclaimed my power and reawakened sensation that I thought had been taken from me forever. Some days were hard and raw. Others were joyous and left me feeling connected to my womanhood and women as a whole. I have noticed many changes in my life. I feel more at home in my body and empowered. I am able to confidently set boundaries, ask for what I want, and no longer override my body’s signals for convenience (mine or someone else’s). If you’re on the fence, it's worth it."

Rachael Rosner

“I cannot recommend Alicia enough. Her ability to hold space for this process with tenderness and love shines. She is knowledgeable, open, supportive, and highly trained and skilled in this work. I feel more empowered in my relationships, connected to my spirituality, feeling pleasure and joy in my life, and I’m beginning to love myself more deeply and truly. It is worth the time, the investment, and the effort. Women deserve to experience this level of support and healing. This is clearly Alicia’s calling, I am beyond grateful that she exists and highly recommend this work.” 

Jackie Ashley


“I have known Alicia since she began this journey over 10 years ago, which has blossomed into a vibrant, exciting and grounded practice that has enriched many lives. As an elder in the somatic community, Alicia’s passion for her own growth through continued self-exploration and education is unsurpassed in my experience of working with clinicians as they find their life’s calling. Alicia dives in fully in all that she does and is able to step out with equanimity and gratitude. She has deep intuitive skill in working somatically and is able to skillfully articulate the foundation of her wisdom so that her clients understand and are motivated to do the hard work necessary for transformation. She is warm, attentive and provides an ease of energy that can hold even the most difficult narratives and stories. She is confident, deeply believes in the power of her skill, and offers this with integrity, purposefulness and humor when appropriate. I am grateful and inspired to have been a part of the journey and honored to call myself her colleague. I now have so much to learn from her!

Melissa Ryan

“Alicia is grounding, warm, inviting and also lively and dynamic. I appreciate the way she is able to embody the paradoxes of being alive and human. She beautifully integrates science and the sacred. She helped me recognize how I simultaneously feel joy and relaxation in one area of my body and tension and rage in another. Alicia creates a safe, sacred healing space that is educational, supportive, and transformative. Because of my work with Alicia I have learned I to tend my pelvis and womb. I feel honored to know her and have recommended her to my clients, colleagues, friends, and family members. I truly appreciate the courageous way she shares her gifts with this world.” 

Eileen Henry

 "Working with Alicia is inspiring and enlightening. My partner eagerly introduced me to Alicia’s work. Completely trusting his experience and knowing that I would connect deeply with what she offers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Alicia Is a scholar on the anatomy and intricate mapping of the womb. The healing potential with her work is limitless and Alicia guided us into numerous possibilities with great sensitivity, wisdom and warmth. We should all be so fortunate to come to know this intimate and miraculous space we carry within us with such a gifted guide as Alicia Patterson. I recommend this to anyone who is ready for true transformation.”

“My wife has worked extensively with Alicia and I am so grateful for the support she has offered us both through this journey. Alicia has been so kind and generous with her time helping me understand this work. This territory was very foreign to me. She gave me the knowledge and receptivity to be a support in my wife’s process. Alicia helped me to remove the barriers I had by giving me an opportunity to see the beauty and power of this work. I am so grateful that she’s taking the steps to invite more people and partners into the conversation.” 
– Charles Scarceriax

“This was the best choice I have made for myself, for my body mind and spirit. Like many, I suffered shame around my body and cycle. I was uneducated about my body and so were my partners and wrapped up in whatever "being a lady" means. Finding Alicia was a breath of fresh air! Learning my anatomy, the “why” made me understand so much of my pain and numbness. With Alicia’s support I was able to unwind it and discover beautiful creative energy and vitality. In a matter of months my menstrual cycle become painless, digestive issues went away, and I felt more grounded and secure in all aspects of my life. I cannot recommend Alicia’s full experience enough. If you are just dabbling OR have daughters at home, the online program is an essential tool that offers a wealth of information that every female has a right to know. I wish I’d had the information when I was growing. Thank you Alicia.” 
- Caytlyn Dee

Monica Blum

“I’ve worked with Alicia remotely for personalized, private 1:1 on pelvic floor issues to compliment my work with a physical therapist. Alicia is smart, talented, attuned and extremely knowledgeable. She is gifted at being able to gently hold / support me while compassionately push me to work the edges of my emotional, psychic, spiritual, and physical pain so I can transform and heal. She is an amazing woman and teacher.” 

Megan Phippen

“My time with Alicia has been nothing short of transformative. Her work is progressive, deep and profound. She embodies nurturing and safe energy that allows one to feel held, comfortable and safe. Expect healing on a personal, cellular, generational, and karmic level that flows into all areas of life. I wish all women had the opportunity to do this work, it is nothing short of magic and Alicia has a true gift.”

Marissa Martino

"Alicia has been the saving grace for my nervous system. I did not have the capacity to regulate myself, suffered high anxiety, and operated from fear for years. She opened and empowered my heart, mind, and soul. Her way of working with cycles and patterns in the body is revolutionary. I've surrendered ancient blocks and have experienced new levels of nourishment and peace due to her work. She is a rare gift."

Julia W.

 “I am so happy to have done this work.  There is ease, connection and pleasure, and also my physical clarity within my pelvis that is markedly different. I'm now becoming the boundary queen in ways I wouldn't have felt at ease doing before. With ongoing practice, I've had a ton of things alleviate, be grounded and freed. I had cervical pain yesterday which went away in 15 minutes. I imagine it was leftover birth stuff I hadn't been able to feel until now. The ancestral stuff we talked about, with slavery or holocaust coming up…one practice I was sitting with cervical pain I had, breathing until it moved, and suddenly I had a bunch of images of the forest, complete with scent of soil and images of wooden cupboards in my earthen hut. It was beautiful to be back there and a relief to feel reunited. A week before that, I deconstructed a dress and painted the bottom of the mid-layer, then made some other garments that just seemed to flow from the goddess. When I put them all together, they were northern European pagan witch robes, and the painting turned out to be flames. I realized it once the color was on. It all seems palpable and tangible in a way that it wasn’t before, and like I can welcome that part of myself back in without the intense fear I used to feel about being found out for being different. I used to hide my tarot cards when I traveled. Now it makes sense. I'm sitting with this consciousness and feeling able to cease the search for a religion that can be my home, because it's goddess worship and practice that is my natural home. I'm beyond grateful for the reconnection. I'm also like, ok, let's get our witch party on, because that's how we're going to right the ship, here, earth-mates! Thank you sincerely for offering me a new and easily-integrated way to become truly whole. I appreciate you and your gifts. Big love and GRATITUDE for Alicia’s teachings!”

Marian Perry

“Alicia has an inner spirit that not only invites you to heal, but makes you want to jump into the healing waters safely with her. She guides you through this work with a sense of compassion, determination, and hope. She goes at your pace but also opens the door for you to heal.”

Karina M.

I have done a lot of work on myself for over 20 years. I was amazed at the depth of space that Alicia holds and the subtlety of her work. It reached into parts of me that I haven't seen or touched using any other modality. Alicia is taking the depth of healing the feminine to a completely different level."

Erin Celeste

“This was my first experience of pelvic floor work. I’m so glad I chose Alicia. I felt held, supported and seen by her throughout the entire process. Her passion, expertise, and healing presence are powerful and transformational. I highly recommend working with her.”

Your center and ground awaits.

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