The Path to Liberation:
A Somatic Emotional Healing Course

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Why take The Path to Liberation Course ? This Course will Cover:

Lesson 1: Emotional Range

- Emotions have a wide range. This view discusses emotion as e-motion (“energy in motion”) to help you begin to address how emotions live, move, and sequence through your body

- We’ll introduce concepts to help students care for, understand, and give appropriate support to the body and emotional world to set the foundation for deep change and healing

Lesson 2: Themes of Pelvic Healing

- There is a wide range of “content” or themes that can arise when entering healing this area of the body. Knowing and being prepared for some of the themes that can arise (and are common) gives a supportive container and context so you have validation, normalization, and support for your process

Lesson 3: Body Armor & The Process of Change In The Body & Emotions

- Body armor is a concept used to describe patterns in tissues, organs, fluids, and all levels of the physiological system that have an emotional phenomenon associated with them

- Discover the patterns that are most common for you, and begin to work with yourself in allowing your body, mind, heart, and cells to go through cycles of healing

Lesson 4: Contraction: Rage, Grief, Shame, Guilt, Frozen

Allowing for the “contracted” side of the spectrum is often one of the most challenging but important phases of healing

- Discover the truth of what your body holds so that you may begin to release it to open up to the next layer

Lesson 5: Expansion: Love, Joy, Ecstasy, Forgiveness Pleasure, Vitality

- Surrendering to the expansion and healing in the body can also be challenging for many. Allowing for yourself to feel pleasure, love, and vitality is not always as easy as it seems. It often requires the ability and willingness to feel pain, hurt, and other uncomfortable experiences to move through the system first. Once we have addressed the full spectrum, true grace begins to show up

- Unlock and unleash the power, potency, and vitality that is the true essence of your system

This course is for you if:

- You realize that emotional healing is deeply connected to your physiological, mental, spiritual health and development

- You are ready to reform your relationship to your emotional world and your history with your pelvis, sexuality, family, and everything else that lives in your cells

- You know that emotions live in the body, not just the mind

- You are ready to learn about how emotional intelligence and healing work together

- You are ready for permission and support to have a full emotional process

- You’re a practitioner who works with people who may identify with the above pieces

Yes, I'm In !

The Path to Liberation is a development course designed to educate and inform people and practitioners who are curious about how to work with emotional healing and addressing this tender, intimate and powerful area of the body (the pelvis)

- Our program combines psycho-education, mindfulness practices, and an emotionally intelligent view at physical healing. This course is designed to be accessible to help students feel more in touch and aware of their bodies in language that is easy to understand. It provides practical tools, exercises, and validation for participants to connect to themselves and feel empowered

- We’ve created a safe and protected space for you to learn about your body and follow the path to embodiment and power

- Our mission is to make this tangible, accessible, and affordable so this course can be taken personally one-on-one, in a group coaching environment, or as a digital video series

Your inner world is calling. Are you ready to dive in?

Yes, I'm Ready !