The Full Pelvic Power Healing Journey:
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Why the full course access pass? In this robust online course you will learn:

Section 1: Pelvic Anatomy 101

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about their pelvic bones, pelvic floor muscle network, organ systems (digestive, urinary, reproductive), cardiovascular (blood) system, immune system, nervous system, and the internal erectile tissue network (one of the most popular sought after maps!)

Section 2: Conscious Menstruation

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about the phases of the menstrual cycle, the gifts and challenges of each phase, tracking the cycle, re-framing thoughts and emotions around the menopausal transition, and holistic self-care tools

Section 3: Emotional Healing & The Pelvis

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about how this powerful area of the body relates to emotional healing. Students will be introduced to the emotional range, body armor, physics & the body, and what that means with "somatic" (body based) healing, and how that relates to the entire experience of the pelvis

Section 4: Pelvic Trauma Healing

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about the scope of pelvic trauma, content and "themes" that arise in pelvic healing, trauma healing tools and practices, oppression & language, and the nervous system's role in pelvic trauma healing

Section 5: Lineage & Ancestral Healing

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about ancestry & the ovaries, creative power & the body, approaching healing family patterns through mother / father lines, DNA & epigenetics, and transcendence


Section 6: Sacred Sexuality

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about the roots of sexuality as sacred, archetypal energy, emotional healing & its' connection to sexuality, breath / sound / the senses, pelvic mapping, orgasmic range, and circulation practices. This is the most "advanced" material and the entire rest of the course is designed to prepare students to practice these nuanced and more subtle ways of life

Section 7: Adjunct BONUS Course on Natural Fertility Tracking & Birth Control

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about natural fertility tracking / planning as a method of birth control. This method is based on anatomical science, not "the rhythm method" or "family planning". Lessons include creative energy & the body, foundations of fertility tracking, the emotional associations with fertility / pregnancy, tracking bodily temperature / cervical fluid / cervical position & change, fertility and the relationship to stress and energy, and holistic self-care tools to promote a well-functioning hormonal system

Enjoy and know that this knowledge sets you and your loved ones up for a different kind of life! All of the lessons build on one another and all of the material was designed to go in sequential order. Make the most out of this experience. Much of this can be shared with a partner, and if your register for the whole course you will receive a savings price

If you're unsure if you're ready for the FULL journey (though it gives the most comprehensive experience!) , click the buttons below to read about each topic as their own mini course:

Pelvic Anatomy 101
Conscious Menstruation
Somatic Emotion Healing
Pelvic Trauma Healing
Lineage Ancestral Healing
Sacred Sexuality
Conscious Fertility
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This course is for you if:

- You are curious about the human body, living in a cyclical body, how this relates to modern life, emotional healing, healing pelvic trauma, lineage & ancestral healing, sacred sexuality, and more!

- You know that real healing involves addressing your physical body as a container for your emotional and spiritual experience. You want to do the deeper work and you are ready for the FULL process of deepening into yourself further than you may have ever imagined going

- You are ready to learn about things your textbooks and childhood never addressed regarding your body, cycle, sexuality, healing, family, and more

- You are ready for deep emotional and spiritual work and realize that being grounded and having a foundation is helpful

- You are ready to deepen into your identity as an informed and empowered woman

- You’re a practitioner who works with people who may identify with the above pieces

I'm In !

This robust pelvic power healing course is a development course designed to educate and inform people and practitioners who are curious about the pelvic healing journey, each phase and topic, and exercises to implement for the entire life journey

- Our program combines anatomy photos, mindfulness practices, recorded audio practices, movement exercises, journaling, psycho-education and more. This course is designed to be accessible to help students feel more in touch and aware of their bodies in language that is easy to understand. It provides practical tools, exercises, and validation for participants to connect to themselves and feel empowered

- We’ve created a safe and protected space for you to learn about your body and follow the path to embodiment and power

- Our mission is to make this tangible, accessible, and affordable so this course can be taken personally one-on-one, in a group coaching environment, or as a digital video series

If you want to read more about the full content included, the lessons, and check out each of the topics visit the buttons listed above this section for in-depth descriptions of the material!

Your inner world is calling. Are you ready to dive in?

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