Pelvic Anatomy 101: The Human Body & Foundation You Need To Start this Healing Journey

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Why take the Pelvic Anatomy course? In this online course you will learn:

Lesson 1: The Pelvic Bones & Pelvic Floor

- The pelvis is a supportive, stable yet movable structure living at the base of your body. The health of this area of your body supports everything that sits above it (reproductive organs, digestion, heart, voice, spine, brain). This is an important area to start with and serves as a foundational lesson

- We’ll introduce concepts and tools to help students learn about their pelvic bones and pelvic floor muscle network and why they are important for healing

Lesson 2: The Organ Systems

The organs (digestive, reproductive, urinary) all live in the core of the body. The organs control all major functions of the body important for processing nutrients, detoxification, hormonal regulation and chemicals that govern our emotional and energetic experience

- You’ll begin learning the major players of your organ systems, how to locate and connect to them in your body, why it all matters, and the functions they serve in your pelvic, reproductive & overall bodily health

Lesson 3: The Erectile & Internal Soft Tissues of the Pelvis

One of the great mystifications about female sexuality and reproduction is the wild life of the pelvic map. There is much confusion, shame, and lack of understanding of this area of the body that can lead to great pleasure and joy

- This is where you discover the awe-inspiring reality of your body, 
the powers the often little-known internal spaces hold, and how they are inter-connected to one another

Lesson 4: The Cardiovascular (Blood) & Immune Systems

- All healing passes through the heart. The heart is a magnetic field. All blood passes into the heart to be cleaned. Here we learn about how the heart and blood circulatory system connects to the pelvis. The same goes for the immune system. The blood and immune systems are a vital aspect to overall health and have a large presence in the pelvis

- You’ll be guided into a simple practice to promote increased circulation efficiency and breast health that can largely impact reproductive health

Lesson 5: The Nervous System & Brain

- We focus in on the pelvic nerves and how they correspond with the nervous system in the rest of the body and ultimately, impact brain function. Learn recent research proving how aspects of the reproductive organs that have always thought to be “non-feeling” are actually very sensitive and innervated

- The final module begins to introduce the emotional aspect of the pelvic healing journey, addressing how the nervous system is the electricity of the body and connects to the brain and our survival primal systems. Learn about body armor, healing from trauma, and restoring brain function in the form of heightened cognitive abilities, emotional regulation, and creativity through regulating your nervous system

Enjoy and know that this knowledge sets you and your loved ones up for a different kind of life

This course is for you if:

- You are curious about the human body and how it connects to healing, emotions, and self-development

- You know that real healing involves addressing your physical body as a container for your emotional and spiritual experience. You want to do the deeper work and you are ready for the foundational piece to prepare you for the later journey of deepening into yourself further than you may have ever imagined going

- You are ready to learn about things your textbooks and childhood never addressed regarding the reproductive system and erectile tissue

- You are ready for deep emotional and spiritual work and realize that being grounded and having a foundation is helpful

- You’ve had challenging experiences related to your pelvis, reproductive system, sexuality, and you realize addressing the physical level is important

- You are ready to deepen into your identity as an informed and empowered woman

- You’re a practitioner who works with people who may identify with the above pieces

I'm In !

- Pelvic Anatomy 101 is a development course designed to educate and inform people and practitioners who are curious about how the physicality of the human body impacts healing

- Our program combines anatomy photos, mindfulness practices, recorded audio practices, and psycho-education. This course is designed to be accessible to help students feel more in touch and aware of their bodies in language that is easy to understand. It provides practical tools, exercises, and validation for participants to connect to themselves and feel empowered

- We’ve created a safe and protected space for you to learn about your body and follow the path to embodiment and power

- Our mission is to make this tangible, accessible, and affordable so this course can be taken personally one-on-one, in a group coaching environment, or as a digital video series

Your inner world is calling. Are you ready to dive in?

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