From Disturbed To Freedom:
A Pelvic Trauma Healing Course

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Why take the Pelvic Trauma healing course? In this online course you will learn:

Lesson 1: The Scope of Trauma

- The word “trauma” gets over-used in many ways in our current day. Learn the scope of trauma, including the types / impacts / levels of trauma and how to begin to address your personal experience

- We’ll introduce concepts to help students care for, understand, and give appropriate support to the scope of trauma healing

Lesson 2: De-Armoring: Body Armor

- Revisit body armor and how it applies to physical, emotional & psychological healing in the tissues of the pelvic bowl (the pelvic floor, cervix, uterus, and more)

- We’ll introduce / specify how to address body / emotional armoring in specific areas of the pelvic region (tailbone, sacrum, muscle, fascia, and organ tissues)

Lesson 3: Oppression & Language

- The importance of language, respect, tone, and how to approach healing the body on the level of language / cognition and how this impacts tissue tone (nerve conduction)

- Discover language that you’ve been conditioned to accept and find the choice to make changes based on what feels most true to you and your body

Lesson 4: The Nervous System

Learning self-care and beginning to support your capacities for resilience, understand your nervous system and how to promote more regulation in your life

- Discover your inherent skills and learn new skills to implement

Lesson 5: Pelvic Healing In the Wider Trauma Healing Journey

- Learning the landscape of somatic healing is a process and journey. Pelvic healing that involves tissue change is one of the most intensive treatment modalities. Learn the other steps that come first if you find that healing of your tissue / physiological system is not yet appropriate for you. Judgment and shame-free. This journey takes time for some and moves with a swifter pace for others

** Important Note: You WILL need a massage wand tool to do the practices in this course, the wand of my choice and recommendation is the curved obsidian wand from Love Stone. I like this wand because it’s stable, supportive, and has a curve to allow for easy direction. There are other tools available, but I recommend a high quality / well sourced are going to be working with the inside of your body, it’s important to be particular about what you put inside of your body! Click here to shop the wands at Love Stone.

Yes, I'm In !

This course is for you if:

- You realize that trauma and emotional / psychological / physical healing is deeply connected

- You are ready to reform and repair your relationship to your body

- You have addressed the “story” of your trauma and feel ready to address the physical / internal landscape of your life history

- You have resources, tools, and support to turn to if you find yourself needing help

- You are ready for permission and support to have a full healing process

- You’re a practitioner who works with people who may identify with the above pieces

From Disturbed to freedom is a development course designed to educate and inform people and practitioners who are curious about how to work with trauma and addressing this tender, intimate and powerful area of the body (the pelvis) that is often abused, manipulated, stigmatized, and oppressed

- Our program combines psycho-education, mindfulness practices, and an emotionally intelligent view at integrative healing. This course is designed to be accessible to help students feel more in touch and aware of their bodies in language that is easy to understand. It provides practical tools, exercises, and validation for participants to connect to themselves and feel empowered

- We’ve created a safe and protected space for you to learn about your body and follow the path to embodiment and power from even the deepest and most disturbing events, remember that anything can heal if you have the right support and resources

- Our mission is to make this tangible, accessible, and affordable so this course can be taken personally one-on-one, in a group coaching environment, or as a digital video series

Your inner world is calling. Are you ready to dive in?

Yes, I'm Ready !