The Conscious Pelvis:
Women's Holistic Pelvic Health Training for Practitioners

This training is a small cohort of practitioners (and those in training) who want to learn and understand how to support clients in the realm of the female pelvis.

This group experience opens once per year, requires pre-registration, and is limited to 10 participants. Located in Colorado and teaching hands-on therapeutic skills, there is currently no remote online aspect to the training.

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Have you considered that most of the education available to women about their bodies comes from old white men? From raging PMS, menstrual pain, pelvic trauma, a numb or tight pelvic floor, disconnection from the body's truth, birth trauma, oppression, painful sex, fertility challenges, leaking urine, to misogyny everywhere we turn and mixed messages from the medical world. This is all accepted as "normal" as part of life as a woman. Enter a different kind of experience where your wholeness is welcome. Questions about the body will be listened to and answered. The rhythm of the cycle will be demystified. Your emotions will be welcomed. Trauma histories are acknowledged but not a definition of who someone is. Lineage and unseen patterns are considered. In this container, you will learn how to acknowledge yourself and others as sexual beings while also creating a safe container with clear boundaries, agreements, intentions, and within the scope of your practice.

Dates: October 14-17 , 4 full days

Location: ITEA , Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture in Louisville, Colorado

Timing: 4 days of psycho-education, optional hands-on practice work, and experiential learning

Investment: $2400, payment plan available until August 31

All details of time schedule, material and curriculum, and important orientation will be sent out after training registration completes. Please register by October 1 at the very latest. Please read information below in full and be thorough in your application responses.

The Conscious Pelvis is a highly specialized, widely sought combination of expertise & education. Co-taught by two long-time practitioners deep in their fields, the trainers bring a unique blend of experience and professionalism.

Through the fusion of these teachers' knowledge and specialties, Beth Anne & Alicia will guide students through exercises, lessons, education, process-work, and hands-on bodywork to deepen into the truth and wisdom of our bodies. This wisdom enters the professional realm for those who know and embody the terrain. It is a gift to our clients to be able to discuss these intimate areas of the body with knowledge, skillfulness, and without shame or taboo. Our gifts as women, partners, parents, mentors, role models,  professionals, and any other hat you wear are needed in this quickening world today.

The collective needs more practitioners who understand, support, and offer this work. So many are longing for more practitioners in their areas or more continuity of care. This is a modality highly sought after with a dire shortage of practitioners. This is a highly specialized career opportunity. There is a wide variety of how this work can be applied and can be versatile to match different qualifications / fields of focus / credentials. This will be discussed as part of the training. Part of this training is hands-on work. We will cover techniques for abdominal & uterine massage and internal pelvic floor therapies.

This training is appropriate for all levels of experience. Whether you’re new to this terrain or a long-time practitioner, we invite your interest in this work. The only requirement is participation & clear communication around your boundaries, willingness to support one another and explore what happens in you as we unfold this layered process together. While we will be orienting toward hands-on practice work, there will be discussion of consent and choice before any touch is exchanged.

Please note:
The application of how this work corresponds to your field of study / practice / credentials is your responsibility. It is wise to look into the ethical considerations, legalities, credentialing, and liability if you are planning to implement hands-on work. Beth Anne and Alicia hold different credentials and will share about their own personal experiences of working in this field and the ethical implications and questions associated with it.

This training welcomes the below practitioners, if you are not in one of the below fields but are interested in this training please specify in your application (see below). We are intentionally inviting a wide variety of professionals into this space in hopes of bridging the gap between the extremes in the healing professions:

- birth workers (doulas, midwives, medical practitioners)
- physical therapists
- acupuncturists
- chiropractors
- nurses and medical staff
- massage therapists
- sexological bodyworkers
- counselors of all kinds (mental health, somatic, dance therapists, SE practitioners etc.)
- sex therapists
- energy healers
- asian medicine healers
- sex and intimacy coaches
- female empowerment coaches
- herbalists
- rolfers
- there are probably many more modalities that can be appropriate for learning about this work, please inquire with your personal circumstance and interest if you need clarity

Training Structure:

  • Day 1: Anatomy & Physiology , Implications and Diagnoses in Pelvic Health Work

  • Day 2: Pelvic Care & Trauma-Informed Work, psychology, boundaries, and navigating intimacy & touch within a safe container

  • Day 3: Working with the female energy body & endocrine system, exploring the deeper rhythms of creativity in the body

  • Day 4: Practice / experiential learning, self-care, exercises, cognitive structure, tools, visualization, integration and more

  • a community / network of practitioners

This combination of modalities is rare. There are not many programs that address pelvic healing work from an anatomically sound place while also holding a trauma informed / emotionally permissive lens. Including the psychological aspect of this work with consent-based practices allows profound integration for clients and practitioners.

Many standard practices in pelvic healing work function on extremes. On one end, many practitioners in the medical field are left without training on consent, change without pain, trauma or emotional / psychological stress. Others who are passionate about the profound nature of this work from an explorative place often need more training in anatomy & science, how to create safety, clarity, balancing boundaries & attunement with personal autonomy in a healing space.

Unfortunately, too many clients have spoken up about damaging experiences with teachers or shamans or healers who abuse boundaries / violate / manipulate in the name of healing work or spirituality. We want you to know there is a safe, contained, professional way to embody this work in the world.

We feel that this polarity and shadow outlined above is highlighting a deep and ancient need in humans. Our desire is to give you the safe, empowered, clear path so you can empower others in a sane and consensual way. With clarity, boundaries, safety building, self-regulation, and the training to back it up, people have an incredible experience of transformation through this work.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to understand and know your body from the inside out
  • You long to feel deeply connected to your center, womb, pelvis, uterus, whatever this magical space is to you
  • You are ready to practice receiving, showing up for, witnessing, and engaging in a container of women who are exploring the same terrain as you
  • You want more understanding of pelvic / reproductive / sexual health and you desire a holistic lens to look through
  • You want a high caliber of attuned facilitation and professionalism
  • You want tools you can use for the longevity of your life-span
  • You want to guide / support others in this realm of healing / professional work 

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are seeking a quick fix "give me all the answers" solution to a problem that has you feeling disempowered either personally or professionally
  • You have acute active trauma that is very activated / “up” for you and you have not explored it at all with professional support (this type of program is not a substitute for a counselor, if you want to participate but need more support, please consider setting up some extra support and reach out to Alicia if you need help assessing the best route for yourself)
  • You are completely unsure of how this training might apply to your professional life

    ** If some of these aspects ring true to you, please consider working with Alicia or Beth Anne directly. If this is not the right time for professional inquiry and training, it doesn't mean there might not be a right time in the future. Please inquire directly to discuss more about your personal circumstance and interests.

We know that any relationship deepens when you show up fully from the beginning and stay the course. This training is a true container with the power to shift things powerfully for you like this work did for us. We are here to create a network of vibrancy and safety with one another. 

Please fill out the application as a next step if you are interested in training with us. 

Once you've registered, refund policy:

With more than 30 days notice we offer full refunds minus a $250 fee or applying the full amount toward another training

With less than 30 days notice, we offer 50% refunds. If we are able to find someone to fill your spot, we will offer the full refund minus the $250 or applying 50% of the amount to another training.

All circumstances of refunds and short notice cancellations will be discussed directly and on a case by case basis.

We look forward to hearing more about you, we will be in touch about registration after reviewing your application! If you have additional questions or needs, please email Alicia at [email protected] and Beth Anne at [email protected]. Please allow 14 business days for us to reply to your application. Registration closes October 1 and any short notice applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Alicia Patterson, MA, LPC, R-DMT, LMT is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dance Movement Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Pelvic Health Mentor. Alicia completed her MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology specializing in Dance Movement Therapy and Body Psychotherapy at Naropa University. Alicia completed Massage Training at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute and Pelvic Floor Therapy (Holistic Pelvic Care™) training with Tami Kent. Alicia runs a thriving private practice in Colorado offering somatic counseling, female pelvic health mentoring, teaching and consulting.

Beth Anne Fisher's modalities are part doctor of physical therapy, part body-mind coach, and part soul midwife. She spent 15 years as an intensive care unit physical therapist in some of the top hospitals in the Denver area, helping patients rehab after being closer to the edge of death than any person cares to be. Beth Anne now runs a thriving female body pelvic health practice focused on bridging the gap between pelvic health and whole-person pelvic healing.  She has studied conventionally with Herman & Wallace, integratively with the Integrative Women's Health Institute & the Barral Institute, and holistically with Tami Kent PT, Lynn Schulte PT, and the Arvigo Institute for Maya Abdominal Therapy.  She is now a 1st year student in the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner program.  To learn more about Beth Anne's work, visit her website.

A New Phase of Your Career Awaits

This is a container like no other. This group is limited to 10 participants once a year so you receive the full attention you need. Are you ready?

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