The Divine Body:
A Sacred Sexuality Course

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Why take the Sacred Sexuality course? In this online course you will learn:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Sexuality as Sacred Life-Force, Tantra & The Archetypes

- Sacred sexuality is an ancient tradition stemming from many countries on the eastern half of the world. The roots of sacred sexuality will be discussed as well as archetypal energy / qualities and how to utilize these practices in a modern world

- We’ll introduce concepts to help students understand the power of archetypes, universal qualities, sexuality as sacred and give appropriate support to the process of the student to begin to address how to move forward with one of the most advanced / nuanced practices in the world of sexual exploration

Lesson 2: Emotional Healing & Sacred Sexuality

- Sexuality as healing requires emotional intelligence and the ability to deepen with oneself and another if you choose. Communication skills, self-responsibility, desire and validation are required if sacred sexuality is to provide you with healing.

- Students will learn how to allow sex to provide emotional healing, address early development and how this impacted the current reality of sex, engage communication skills and address expectations / entitlement when it comes to the sexual life

Lesson 3: Breath, Sound, The Senses & Pleasure

- breathwork, sound, the senses & pleasure are foundational principles of all sacred sexuality practices

- Discover how to access your breath, the power of sounding & the voice as it relates to sexuality, and incorporating pleasure into your life in order to expand and heighten sexual satisfaction

Lesson 4: The Ultimate Deepening

societal conditioning impacts what many people are engaging with when it comes to sexuality. Explore pacing, the slow sex movement, consent, edging & redefining orgasm

- Explore the next deepening layer of consent, boundary work, edging, and slow sex as it all relates to “orgasm” and any stigma you hold around the word

Lesson 5: The Orgasmic Range & Taking Control Of Your Pleasure

- Address the range of orgasm in the body (all the zones / types / areas) and how to approach the deepest range of healing in the body through pleasure, attaining sexual mastery (including the cervix / uterine, urethral sponge (often called the “G Spot”), the breasts, clitoris, and other hidden maps to pleasure)

- Attain practical, nuanced, practices and skill to begin to implement with yourself and your partner, including breast orgasm, cervical and uterine orgasn, yoni & lingam massage & stamina building, and circulation practices to facilitate whole body release & healing

** Important Note: You WILL need a massage wand tool to do the practices in this course, the wand of my choice and recommendation is the curved obsidian wand from Love Stone. I like this wand because it’s stable, supportive, and has a curve to allow for easy handling. There are other tools available, but I recommend a high quality / well sourced are going to be working with the inside of your body, it’s important to be particular about what you put inside of your body! Click here to shop the wands at Love Stone.

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This course is for you if:

- You believe that sexual identity is an important part of life and that sexuality (connection to yourself, your body, and conscious partnership) has the capacity to provide healing

- You are ready to address patterns in your body and psyche that relate to your history, choices, experiences, and are ready to learn and explore things that you’ve probably never been taught before

- You are ready to learn about how sexuality can impact the whole of your life, not just sex

- You are ready for permission and support to explore yourself fully. You are ready to explore sex as sacred, emotional healing & sexuality, breathwork, sounding & the senses, consent & boundaries, pelvic mapping, & the power of circulation practices

The Divine Body is a development course designed to educate and inform people and practitioners who are curious about how to work with sexuality and sexual identity as healing and sacred

- Our program combines psycho-education, mindfulness practices, and an emotionally intelligent view of sexuality, anatomy, & sacred practices devoted to healing the sexual self. It provides practical tools, exercises, and validation for participants to connect to themselves and feel empowered through self-practice and exploration

- We’ve created a safe and protected space for you to learn about these practices and follow your path to the most expansive and advanced pleasure

- Our mission is to make this tangible, accessible, and affordable so this course can be taken personally one-on-one, in a group coaching environment, or as a digital video series

Your inner world is calling. Are you ready to dive in?

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