Inner Power Women's Cohort

Have you ever considered that most of the education available about the female body is via old white men? From raging PMS, menstrual pain, pelvic trauma, a numb or tight pelvic floor, disconnection from the body’s truth, birth trauma, oppression, painful sex, fertility challenges, leaking urine to misogyny everywhere. We turn to mixed messages from the medical world.  This is all accepted as a “normal” part of life as a woman. Sit with that for a moment.

Imagine stepping into a container where your wholeness is welcome. Your questions about your body are heard and answered. The rhythm of your cycle is demystified. Your emotions will are invited. Your trauma history is acknowledged but does not define who you are by those around you. Lineage and patterns are illuminated. In this container, your sexuality is acknowledged as an integral part of your being and you will be offered safety in expression and being seen.

This cohort experience is a remote online group for those willing to do the inner work on the journey to becoming an embodied and powerful woman.

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"Working with Alicia is inspiring and enlightening. Trusting this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Alicia is a scholar on the intricate mapping of the womb. The healing potential with her work is limitless. She guides with sensitivity, warmth, and wisdom. We should all be so fortunate to know this intimate miraculous space we carry within us with such a gifted guide as Alicia. I recommend this to anyone who is ready for true transformation"

-Eileen Henry

The content below is explored in-depth, there are 7 topics and 6 months, the last topic is a "bonus" module.

Holistic Pelvic Anatomy

Learn about the reality of your body from a lively digestible lens. You will learn about bony structure & pelvic floor, the organ systems, erectile & internal soft tissues (everyone's favorite!) , the cardiovascular & immune systems, the nervous system & brain, and how they all work together and impact each other. This sets the foundation and gives you ground for your healing journey. The next modules lead to expansion.

Conscious Menstruation

What is your relationship to menstruation? Learn about the cyclical phases of your body's rhythm, gifts & shadow of each phase and it's connection to mental health, polarity & unwinding stigma, magic of menstruation and holistic self-care tools to navigate any and all of the questions / symptoms / mysteries that you are ready to address. It's time to understand why you feel what you feel.

Emotional Healing

This journey never fails to bring powerful emotions to the surface. This content and container is your mirror. Emotional and mental health is directly correlated to pelvic health. Here you will receive permission for your full range of emotions, understand the "themes" of pelvic healing, address body armor in your tissues, and begin to work with cycles of contraction and expansion.

Pelvic Trauma Healing

Pelvic trauma can mean a lot of different things. Emotional expression, healing and trauma recovery always run parallel to one another. Our tissues carry and transmit emotional / hormonal signals. We will address the scope of pelvic trauma, further enter the de-armoring process, unpack language and cognitive structure, and support the nervous system to integrate the raw and wild experience of life.

Lineage, Collective & Ancestral Process in the Body

Inter-generational patterns, DNA & genetics, family, and lineage lives in our cells. Once we address our own identities and lives, often more "expansive" experiences such as spiritual awakening, contact with ancestors, big questions about the "collective" arise. You will be held as you explore your lineage, ovarian power, creative power, shadows, transcendence, and how it all relates to your body and your place in this web of divinity we have landed in on Earth. The earlier content gives you the gateway to becoming grounded deeply into your body. This gives you "foundation". Finding power and stability in yourself is the key to opening to psychic gifts that expansive and sustainable. Learn how your root (literally and metaphorically) gives you access to the unseen realms.

Sacred Sexuality

Have you considered that your body is a pathway to power, the divine, your true gifts? Is this a concept or do you know this viscerally in your body? Have you felt lost in the middle in the modern discussion of sexuality as it becomes more polarized? Enter a container where your sexuality is welcome as a part of you, an important part but not the only part. All experiences and questions are welcome here that some hesitate to address. What aspects of your shadow are interrupting your body's desires? What does pain mean to you? What about your partners' shadow scares you? We will unpack what "orgasm" means to you and learn about the range of pleasure that is hardly ever taught through the mainstream channels. This is a space to find education, expansiveness, and permission to rest.

BONUS: Conscious Fertility

Every woman who opens to the power of the womb encounters questions, feelings, and needs around fertility, pregnancy, and birth. The process that leads to this space sometimes creates a more fertile body. Others encounter deep grief or fear when they open the door to acknowledging their inner world around birth. What would it mean to you to feel grounded, connected, responsible, protected, and also "natural" in your management of your fertility if you do not want to use  methods like hormonal birth control and IUD's? We will cover the foundations of fertility tracking, partners' roles, fertility tracking (bodily temperature, charting, cervical position and fluid changes), and stress & the energy body in fertility. This content is a "bonus". The material is to be explored and included in your journey as you see fit.

The Container:

We will explore exercises, lessons, education, process-work, hands-on embodiment guidance, and more to deepen into the truth and wisdom of our bodies. Our gifts as women, partners, parents, professionals, and any other hat you wear are needed in this quickening world today.

This group is appropriate for anyone who is open and interested. Whether you’re new to learning about your body & process work, or a seasoned explorer seeking a container, we welcome you. The only requirement is participation in the process, willingness to support one another and curiosity about what happens in you as we unfold this layered process together. You will be held accountable to participate and engage, Alicia is a long-term skilled facilitator/psychotherapist and every group member will be asked to "show up". That said, this is not a militant classroom experience. You will be supported here. Every phase of the journey will reveal something to you.

Resistance is natural in this type of group. Wounds between women are one of the oldest and deepest. If you feel insecure, that there’s no time for your voice, cringe at sharing in a group, don’t know how to support others, worry that you won't be met or seen or heard, have a hard time receiving support ... you’re not alone. Part of this process is exploring and learning how you want to receive and give. This group environment allows us all to continue deprogramming conditioning that turns us against one another. This is part of the healing work. By the end, the benefits will be worth the discomfort.

The upcoming cohort will begin in the Fall of 2021 and run for 6 months. The structure is a "Hybrid Model" (guided online coursework on your own time and live / real-time support with Alicia).

This Journey Includes:
  • Weekly Educational Videos / Journaling / PDF Exercises / Audio Exercises: All of the education, teaching, process, exercises you need to engage in this journey in a pre-recorded/engage at your convenience pace. This hybrid approach yields the best results in clients’ journeys. This gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for yourself and your own journey while receiving support from a community and a seasoned practitioner with a unique combination of training, lenses, extended experience of client work, and personal experiences. Approximately 2 hours of educational learning time is expected each month of you  (videos and self-exploration exercises) plus 1-2 hours per month of working together in the community and with Alicia (about 3-4 hours per month). All content is designed in short/digestible/easy to process teachings and exercises. Then we come together in live calls to support your process.

  • 1 Education / Q&A Session with Alicia each month (6 total): it is natural that as we uncover one layer at a time in this work, you will have many questions. This is a process of building internal proprioception, a cohesive internal world. As you explore the content in the course, we will come together as a group to support the embodied / kinesthetic process. This will create a container for your commitment to the journey. Engaging this process with feedback, answers to your questions, and gentle accountability support is necessary. Clients who engage in self-work and work with a professional often have the best results.

  • 1 Council Session each month (6 total): Council is a wise practice of sitting together in a community to share, be witnessed, and heard. Without the same type of cross-talk, we usually encounter in social situations, the permission, and quality of the group are unique. You will be given the opportunity to sit in your own experience, see others, be witnessed, and encounter a collective healing field. Feeling supported, connection, humor, insight, and validation from others are priceless when it comes to a process as intimate as this one.

  • Extra Resources from Alicia are priceless. As time moves on, Alicia gathers countless hours of ongoing research, hands-on work with clients, new understandings and findings of this field. This is a wealth of information and resources that keeps building in real-time. Get access to Alicia directly. The most recent developments in Alicia's work through this live group at a fraction of the price of the 1:1 experience.

  • A Community of Women engaging in the same process as you, with the opportunity to make deep lasting connections.

The Polarity of Health
Commonly, when considering work such as this, people will find themselves thinking (aware or unaware)...

“There’s too much, this will be too hard, I don’t deserve this, this is not for me, my experience will never change. I have to do this alone.”

Others are looking for the “magic cure”, wanting someone to fix them, the one-time fix, finding themselves thinking “I just need to find that ONE THING that will solve it all...”

...Sound Familiar? 

Sometimes there are specific things that work real and true magic. This is part of that program for many! However, you should know this is a winding path because the truth is our bodies change with time and different life experiences. The magical one-time cure method is usually just not appropriate for the complexity and changing nature of the female body. Something that "worked" 10 years ago may not be relevant anymore. This is a chance to step into a container full of truth-telling, a variety of resources, unwinding stories, not band-aids.

Wherever you are in your phase of life is welcome. Wherever you are with your past and what you've worked on is welcome. The questions and longings you have are welcome.

Pelvic Health & The Whole Body
This work can inform how the rest of your life unfolds when it comes to your pelvic health. Pelvic health directly impacts emotional, mental, endocrine, immunological health.

Modern societies have a huge gap around female pelvic health. Did you know women in westernized modern cultures have astronomically higher diagnoses of reproductive cancers, hysterectomies, childbirth complications, and reproductive/pelvic health challenges? Unfortunately, it is left to many women to discover their health for themselves. The holistic information that has lived under the radar for a long time is finally becoming more accessible to the masses.

Alicia's Work & History
This course presents you with Alicia's learning from over 10+ years working with clients, a master’s degree in somatic psychology, advanced training in body psychotherapy & dance movement therapy, trauma-informed care, advanced training in pelvic healing including Holistic Pelvic Care ™, Mayan uterine massage, cervix & bladder healing, herbalism, birth doula work, perinatal & birth psychology, cosmology, earth-based psychology, and cultural competency. After years and years of scouring & devouring every resource about pelvic health, the divine feminine, feminism, & female awakening that can be found, this is Alicia's mission in her work.

Alicia is a long-time, heavily trained clinician with a heartbeat for holistic work. As a therapist and bodywork practitioner with years of training, credentials, science-based practices, self-discovered knowledge, and a wide variety of clinical work, Alicia strives to create containers that offer enough structure to provide safety and enough freedom to explore and expand. After her own experience of pelvic health challenges, she took her health into her own hands years ago and has never looked back. Though Alicia is a therapist, this group is not “therapy”, but it is highly therapeutic.

You'll learn the tools behind what Alicia does. More importantly, you'll have a present, trained, compassionate, curious, experienced guide into this terrain that can feel confusing and mysterious. This step-by-step process is mapped out by Alicia after extensive experience with a wide range of women & their stories. This leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you uncover each layer for yourself.

The Extremes in Pelvic Health
This combination of modalities is rare. There are not many programs that address pelvic healing work while also holding a trauma-informed / emotionally permissive lens and includes the psychological aspect of this work. There are not many online teachers who also have extended experience as a bodyworker and counseling practitioner.

Many standard practices in pelvic healing work function on extremes. On one end, many practitioners in the medical field are left without training on consent, change without pain, trauma, or emotional / psychological stress. Others who are passionate about the profound nature of this work from an explorative place often need more training in anatomy & science, how to create safety, clarity, balancing boundaries & understanding about how to provide room for personal autonomy in a healing space.

Blind Spots and Abuse
Unfortunately, too many clients have spoken up about damaging experiences with teachers or shamans or healers who abuse boundaries / violate / manipulate in the name of healing work or sexual healing or spirituality. Even those who are unintentional in their missteps or well-meaning in their hearts sometimes leave people feeling violated or confused.

Alicia's Approach
Alicia feels that these polarities and shadows outlined above are highlighting a deep and ancient need in humans.  Alicia's desire is to give you a safe, empowered, clear path. After extended years in this work, Alicia finds that with clarity, boundaries, safety building, and the training to back it up, people have an incredible experience of transformation through this work.

This program IS for you if...

  • You want to fully understand and know your body from the inside out
  • You long to feel deeply connected to your center, womb, pelvis, uterus, whatever this magical space is to you
  • You are ready to practice receiving, showing up for, witnessing, mirroring, and being mirrored, and engaging in a container of women who are exploring the same terrain as you
  • You have pelvic / reproductive / sexual health symptoms and you desire a holistic lens to see yourself through
  • You have some events in your history that you desire repair with (for many this looks like sexual trauma, abortion, miscarriage, or other types of emotionally complicated "pelvic trauma" experiences)
  • You want a high caliber of attuned facilitation and have felt unsafe or unseen in other group containers
  • You want tools you can use for the longevity of your life-span

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are seeking a quick fix give me all the answers solution to a problem that has you feeling disempowered
  • You have acute active trauma that is very activated / “up” for you and you have not explored it at all with any professional support (this type of program is not a substitute for a counselor, if you want to engage in this work but need more support, please consider setting up some extra support and reach out to Alicia if you need help with this)
  • You are convinced you’re broken, that nothing can change, that nothing can help you
  • You are already participating in multiple other containers with a lot of teachers / group work and feeling spread thin
  • You've had a long-term pelvic health diagnosis and want it to transform overnight, with long-term pelvic health challenges it often takes an extended time to find a healing rhythm and the more pressure one puts on "results", the more the nervous system clamps and becomes rigid.


1:1 Work
Many clients choose to complete this group experience and then add on 1:1 work with Alicia or travel for the hands-on experience after finishing the group. This group sets an incredible foundation for the 1:1 experience. Some clients are not a fit for the 1:1 experience yet and will be referred to this group to build more of a foundation with self before 1:1 work will be available.


The Inner Power Program is a non-refundable investment in your relationship with your body. It’s an invitation to listen, learn, connect, explore, and transform. It’s an extended experience that can be paid in two different options (in full or a payment plan) however it is not a monthly membership program that you can cancel and opt-out at any time.

Alicia thought long and hard about whether or not to offer some sort of a money-back guarantee to assure you about your investment. Ultimately, this does not feel right for this container. This is a deep, intimate container that requires participation, consistency, and presence from all. This is an opportunity to provide a conscious choice and commitment to this journey for yourself, before even committing to the purchase.

Here are the reasons for not offering refunds or an option to opt-out of the Inner Power Program once you’ve joined: 

Reason #1: This is your chance to make a clear, confident financial decision. A big part of “root” (pelvic) work is related to money. The connection of resources, stability, basic needs, is largely related to this area of the body in many traditions. The hope is that if you know and understand this, you will consider the decision to join with intention, love, truth, and directness with yourself. The request, if you join, is that you make the best decision for yourself, right now. Take full responsibility for this choice. Reflect on your intentions, your current circumstances, and the value.

Reason #2: All of the information provided helps you make a responsible decision. If you’re unsure, consider bringing these questions to Alicia and check out the testimonials. Alicia never focuses on pressure-full or sales-heavy tactics and does not want you to feel like a client churned in and out like a hamster wheel that many coaching programs do to their clients.

Ask Yourself:

- Does this make sense to you?

- Does this align with who you are?

- Do you want this?

- Does the content excite you?

- Does the chance of working 1:1 with Alicia call to you, but you want to get a sense of this first? 1:1 work is always priced higher, this is a way for you to see what this work feels like before committing to working directly with Alicia (and it's good to know that once you've gone through the group, Alicia has special rates for past group members to work together that are not available to the public).

- Does the idea of having a group experience, combined with time with Alicia, feel supportive?

All of the details are here for you to make the right decision for yourself.

Reason #3: This journey can only be measured by you. If you engage in this program fully, all of the calls / all of the homework / community engagement / all of the exercises, if you do the deep work with yourself and implement all the steps recommended, Alicia is confident you will experience meaningful shifts in your body, relationships, lifestyle, and more. What this looks like is different for each participant and it is important not to compare yourself, ever. The responsibility of what you “get” out of this belongs to you.

Some of you have clarity around some of the topics but need gentle support implementing new tools. Others of you might find a great resource in some of these areas and deep challenges in others. For some, the information is key. For others, the community aspect is the most healing. Your experience is unique to your circumstances, history, and intentions.

Reason #4: When you’re all in, here we go! This experience will likely challenge you. It will stir up “resistance” (I don’t want to do that ! Uncomfortable feelings, excuses about not attending, falling behind in the program, hitting a “block”, or wanting to quit completely). There will be phases of grief, clarity, excitement, and challenge. Often the biggest transformation comes just after the highest resistance. This program never advocates for rushing or crossing your boundaries, but it does advocate for showing up even when things are tough. This is designed to support you through the tough phases, whether it’s at the beginning of the end or somewhere in the middle. The invitation is to be a co-creator of your experience, trust this process and guide, and commit. Life happens, and things will come up through this timeline. As things arise (in the program and outside of it), you are invited to rest into a small, intimate, true container. We get to hold you with births, deaths, job changes, moving, life-changing relationship decisions, and all else. Will you commit to this even if it’s not convenient? 

Reason #5: You will have lifetime access to the content as long as this platform is live (not going anywhere anytime soon!)  Every recording is yours to revisit for the lifetime of the Inner Power Program. Even if you hit a tough spot at the moment, or “life happens” and your progress is paused for a brief period, you can reconnect and integrate later.

You are welcomed to this community. Any relationship deepens when you show up fully from the beginning and stay the course. The door is open, will you step in?

Your Inner Power Awaits

Apply today for this powerful group container. You will connect, share, and open more deeply with yourself and others through this journey. This group is limited to 10-15 participants so you receive the full attention you need. I know this terrain, trust me. Are you ready?

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