Denver Somatic Counselor and Women's Pelvic Health Expert

If you know there's more to life and your body, Alicia provides the guidance into the realm of somatic healing, assisting her clients to evolve, transform, and emerge into a new level of liberation and truth.

Alicia has woven her skills, abilities, and training into her own model to help women harness their true power, health, and vitality. Alicia offers somatic counseling, women’s pelvic health work (multiple modalities), psychedelic & plant medicine integration support, consulting, and online courses.

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Love online courses designed for all learning styles? Discover a variety of topics here including pelvic anatomy, conscious menstruation, emotional healing, trauma & recovery, lineage & ancestral work, and sacred sexuality.

Discover Online Courses

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Learn best by reading? Discover the power, nuances, and must-have insight about the holistic, anatomy minded, emotionally & spiritually permissive, trauma-informed approach to female pelvic health. This is a top notch e-book with in-depth teaching / exercises / hand-illustrated anatomy photos and more. Don't miss out on this must-have!

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What is Somatic Counseling? 

How does the body interact with the mind? How does the nervous system influence vitality, health and healing? How does the human spirit fit in with this complex balance? What is energy? Where does one begin?

Somatic Psychology is a holistic form of working with a whole person from a psychologically attuned, emotionally intelligent, physical and energetic perspective. Alicia blends training in somatic psychology, trauma-informed care, multi-cultural awareness, massage & energy work, prenatal psychology, neuroscience, relational resiliency, and psycho-spiritual tools to provide a nurturing and inquisitive space to explore self-discovery. Alicia works in a collaborative / cooperative manner and is always most interested in how to best support you.

Learn About Somatic Psychology, Dance Movement Therapy & Body Psychotherapy

What Is "Pelvic Healing" and why does it matter? Alicia blends psycho-somatic expertise with healing this powerful physical center. The process is attuned to your life experience and includes addressing and integrating life experience associated with the pelvis (developmental experiences / intimacy / trauma history / pregnancy / birth / ancestry and more); in addition to addressing pelvic floor health / pelvic organ balance. This approach to pelvic healing is widely sought. Alicia is one of the few practitioners in the state of Colorado. Want to know more? Listen to Alicia's most popular podcast to date.

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Put Yourself First

Find out more today about working with Alicia, pelvic health, somatic counseling and how it all impacts your livelihood, relationships, health, business, purpose, and ability to serve the world.

True Inner Power

"When we claim our bodies and embody ourselves fully, we claim a place in this world. So many still deny that a woman has a real right to claim this. There is a place here for you."   - Alicia Patterson

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