Introduction to Holistic Anatomy

female anatomy pelvic anatomy pelvic floor womens health May 20, 2021
Female Anatomy

Have you ever been curious about the human body and how it connects to healing, emotions, and self-development?

There is much to uncover when it comes to the anatomy: the intricacies, complexities, the all-encompassing influences and experiences that are held there. Pelvic anatomy isn’t just about what is visible. Our anatomy holds so much that is unseen and often unaddressed or forgotten about. There's more to what we feel. If you have ever wondered how the physiology of our bodies can impact healing - ever wanted to become more in touch with your body and with yourself - understanding your own anatomy is a great place to begin.

Holistic pelvic anatomy is more than various organs or systems we have grown familiar with (or not). Human anatomy is what's holding all that has influenced us, all of our experiences. They are all housed here, not just in these organs, but in the tissue, the nerves, our fascia, and so much more. It all talks to our brain and our brain talks back.

When it comes to understanding all that anatomy encompasses, we must look inward. Before journeying within, develop and appreciate an understanding of our pelvic structure and systems to better understand the intricacies of our bodies is helpful.

Our Foundation: The Pelvic Muscles (often called "floor") 

Have you ever been in a yoga class and heard the instructor say, “Remember to engage your pelvic floor" or "breathe into your root" or "feel your ground" and thought "what?" 

You probably aren’t alone. Our ground, root, power, and center, is associated with our pelvis. Where our core plugs into the base of our body. Where our base plugs into our legs. Think of this as the foundation of your home. It supports everything above it. This is why it is so incredibly important to begin with stability in this area of our bodies. 

Unlike the foundations of our homes, the pelvis has a truly brilliant set of deep muscles situated in the pelvis, lining our pelvic bowl... Our pelvic anatomy is made up of various pelvic bony structures that form what we refer to as, the pelvic bowl. Centered at the bottom of our pelvic bowl lies our reproductive and urinary systems.

There is so much that our bony structures can do for us when we have an understanding and relationship with this area of our body. We dive into more of this in my training. Interestingly enough, the pelvic network is one of the most complex bone networks within our bodies.

The pelvic and whole-body connection are important for support, healing, and balance in our body. 

Another major system important to not only our pelvic network, but our entire body, is our fascia tissue. This is a jelly-like layer of the body that runs through the muscles in our pelvic floor. Fascia is a network that connects and lines our whole bodies, there is no break in the lining. Because this tissue runs throughout our entire body, working with this area in the female anatomy is a very useful way to help heal our whole bodies. When talking about the anatomy of our female self: the nervous system, organ systems (urinary, reproductive, digestive), muscle systems, blood flow, immune system, and erectile tissue network, it can all be intertwined with the pelvic network. Whether it makes up structures within the pelvic muscles or influences the structures around it. Anatomy can be digestible, accessible, and supportive to learn. It influences all that we feel as well as our mental and emotional health.

There is SO much more when it comes to talking about our pelvic network (I actually don't like the term "floor" because it's not flat, it's like the 3D lining of a basket).

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Check Out My Vlog

Click here to listen to my free vlog about pelvic health, its importance, how it relates to other aspects of your bodies and all about what I do!

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