The Secret To Female Vitality Ebook 

Demystify your body, boost energy, and gain mental clarity through pelvic health.

In this book you’ll discover that the power of your body is a gift. This resource was written to inform and empower you and is complete with exercises and reflection questions to deepen your connection to yourself.

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Consultation & Treatment Planning Package

This offer includes: a 75 minute consultation call, 1 treatment plan, and a 20 minute follow up appointment. 

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Three 1:1 Sessions

3 Sessions, 60 minutes each, offered virtually or in-office in Denver CO. These are 1 hour long each and if in person,Ā can includeĀ endocrine & nervous system oriented support. Trauma informed, therapeutic care style of work is available as well as consultation / treatment planning / support with online materials if you are engaging in those.

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Spirit of the Pelvic Bowl  (Foundations Class)

I am so delighted to welcome you to this world! This virtual, do at your own pace class discusses holistic pelvic anatomy, pelvic trauma, the pelvis & emotions, lineage, and more. Click the button below to read about what we'll cover.

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Womb Fundamentals

This virtual, do at your own pace course includes everything you need to know to start on this journey. The topics are: Female Energy & the Pelvis, The Lifestyle of Pelvic Healing, Food, Nutrition / Products and what it all has to do with your center.

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Inner Power Core Program

This virtual, do it yourself (or with the support of Alicia) program includes the spirit of the pelvic bowl class listed above, the womb fundamentals mini program listed above, and the deeper core program curriculum. This is the full journey. If you need more info on what it’s all about, click hereIf you know you’re ready, click the button below to begin.

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Conscious Pelvis Training: Sneak Peak

This class snippet is a window into my teaching style and some of the mysteries unpacked. For those who have a fundamental understanding of anatomy and are ready for the next layer deeper but also open to beginners with a hungry mind.

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The Total Release Experience (R). An internationally accredited trauma-informed psoas release program. Discover freedom from  physical, mental, and emotional pain.