The Building Blocks of My Work

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The greatest mission of my work is to provide you with the tools to build a strong and grounded foundation that supports your pelvic health journey and life.


Research shows that trust, connection, and safety in the therapeutic relationship is the highest indicator of “success” when working with a professional. Success in this way comes in the form of change and progress that many of us are seeking. My work rests on trust-building and relational strength to achieve results and this is the reason I believe my work has grown in such striking ways.


What works for one body is irrelevant for another body. I have seen this firsthand in the diversity of people's circumstances I work with and is what I tailor-fit your treatments based on...the uniqueness of you and your life. I bring extensive experience working in patient care, counseling, & traditional western fields while orienting in a holistic way to the truth of the body and building a human connection. Your experience of safety is my first priority.


Before we begin this work together, I want to remind you that it takes 100% commitment from us both to achieve measurable results. Accountability is achieved through direct and open communication, allowing for trust to occur, which is when the integration of the modalities we explore are best expressed.


To build a relationship of trust, I want to share with you the foundational building blocks of my work. This includes science-based education, trauma-informed perspectives and extensive training, holistic pelvic care (TM), plant-based and holistic practices, and somatic counseling. 


My Work's Building Blocks


  • Trauma-informed care, boundary awareness, consent-based work. #1. Always.
  • Extensive experience working with trauma recovery, 10+ years experience in mental health. 5+ years working in women's pelvic health, and 14+ years navigating my own pelvic health challenges.

Plant-Based & Holistic Modalities 

  • Plant medicine & how to work safely with herbalism, plants as medicine, and altered state experiences
  • Soul-centric models, cosmology, earth-based medicine & ritual
  • Holistic models including nutrition, yoga & meditation, physical movement / exercise, breathwork, mindfulness, and visualization

Sexual and Reproductive Health 

  • Birth doula work, ethical birthing practices in systems & institutions centered around the birthing person's choice and autonomy
  • Sacred sexuality, archetype, myth, language, story-telling / narrative work, and gender exploration
  • Educated & informed about ethical non-monogamy, alternative, queer & kink lifestyles, cultural competency, & LGBTQIA populations
  • Lineage / ancestral / inter-generational & family systems perspectives

Somatic Counselor 

  • Somatic Psychology, Body Psychotherapy (BP), Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), massage therapy
  • EMDR therapy, a Somatic body based modality for trauma treatment 
  • Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC by Tami Kent), pelvic floor therapy, cervix and bladder work, uterine massage, visceral organ therapies, abdominal / visceral massage & “hands-on healing”, endocrine organ / immune supporting energy work

Science & Research-Based

  • Nervous system support, informed by polyvagal theory, Somatic Experiencing (SE by Peter Levine), and Polyvagal theory (by Stephen Porges)
  • Perinatal psychology, developmental psychology, developmental movement, and attachment theory
  • Neurology and neuroscience, the neurobiology of attraction, & Attachment Theory

If you have any questions about what this means or how I can best support you considering my approach, please get in touch. I look forward to talking with you, Alicia

Check Out My Vlog

Click here to listen to my free vlog about pelvic health, its importance, how it relates to other aspects of your bodies and all about what I do!

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Check Out My Vlog

Click here to listen to my free vlog about pelvic health, its importance, how it relates to other aspects of your bodies and all about what I do!

Watch the Vlog