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One of the most accessible ways to learn about Alicia's work and these modalities is through podcasts and interviews. These fields often feel mysterious or taboo for some. Alicia has a way of disarming those who feel intimidated or threatened by this work to make it approachable in a gentle way. See below for a wide variety of interviews, all including different focus areas and interview styles.

Most popular Podcast to date! 
Deep Wisdom & Healing of the Pelvic Bowl Mindful U Naropa Podcast

Second most popular Podcast to date!
This discussion was so rich there are two parts! Dr. Brianne Gorgan Lady Bits podcast:
Part 1 : Awaken the Cervix and Melt Body Armor

Part 2: The Layers of the Pelvic Floor

Other podcasts:

Psychosomatic Approaches to Pelvic Healing, One Strong Mama Podcast

Pelvic Bowl Healing with DJ Valerie Podcast

Your Inner Power with The Boulderista Podcast

Wisdom From the Pelvic Bowl, Vagina Talks with Sophia

Conversations with the Universe Podcast with Becca Grabinski

Triumph After Trauma Podcast with Lynanne

Ellevate your Soul Inner Power Podcast

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